28 April 2016

Diamond Fork Field Trip

We had a wonderful time on our field trip to the mountains.  Thank you to all the parents who were able to come along and help keep us safe!  While there we were able to observe and learn a lot.We each had the opportunity to participate in three activities:
1.  wading in the river to find lots of different types of bugs and fish
2.  going on a nature hike to discover types of plants and trees, look at evidences of beavers, and see some deer antlers
3.  learning all about birds, their wings and feathers and using binoculars to observe birds around us. 

This was a great opportunity and we would like to give a special THANK YOU to Sarah Flinders who obtained grant money to fund this trip, organized all of the learning activities, and guided us through the river.  Also, a big thank you to the other Forest Service experts who guided us.

22 April 2016

Pond Study

 Along with our study of the spring season we have begun a study of ponds and pond life.  We have discovered many plants and animals that live in and around a pond.  Students have been working hard on creating a class information chart about ponds and frogs.  We have listed facts we think we know about ponds and frogs and read lots of fact books about ponds.  At this point in the year students are able to do their own reading and research!  It is exciting for them to be able to use their reading skills to add to our fact chart or to put items we thought were facts into the "misconceptions" column of our chart.

With our frog study we have been able to have African Dwarf frogs in our classroom to observe.  Students have made observations of the frogs and recorded their findings.  It is fun to note the similarities and differences of the many different types of frogs.

20 April 2016

Upcoming Events

Saturday, April 23:  Sierra Bonita 5k/Mile Fun Run.  5k will begin at 9am and the mile run at 10am.  Please fill out a waiver and return it to the office prior to the 22nd if you would like to participate.

Tuesday, April 26:  Field trip to Diamond Fork Canyon.  Please remember to dress your child appropriately.  We will be getting dirty!  Even if there are sprinkles we will still plan on going so have your child dress according to the weather forcast.  For more information click here:  Diamond Fork Field Trip

Wednesday, April 27:  Sierra Bonita Arts Exhibit 7-8pm

Friday, May 13:  Kindergarten Field Day

Friday, May 20:  Last day of kindergarten.  We will have a regular day of kindergarten on this day.

15 April 2016


We have been looking for signs of spring!  Students have participated in reading fact books about the spring season and discussing many different activities people enjoy in spring.  Many changes occur during the spring season with plants and animals.  We wrote and draw about what our favorite spring activity.

We also read a lot about life cycles of animals, how they grow, and how baby and adult animals differ and are the same.  We have been reading lots of books about animals and have been discovering lots of facts.  Such as we learned that the dad seahorses have a special pouch where they carry all of the seahorse eggs.   Some baby animals such as the zebra can walk just a few hours after they are born while other animals need the help of their moms for a long time.  Students worked on animal life cycle book where they chose an animal and then illustrated the growth process from a baby to an adult.  In the next few weeks students will be able to share these books in class and talk about how animals grow.

01 April 2016

Opinion Writing

This month during writing we be working on opinion writing.  All year we have been talking about and sharing our opinions when creating a class graph or discussing the events in a book.  Students have learned about the difference between an opinion and a fact.  We have discussed how opinions are how we feel or think about something.  Now we will be writing our opinions.  The important part of opinion writing is providing the reasons for your opinion.  Students will be encouraged to not only state their opinion in writing but also tell the reader the "why" for their opinion.

Throughout the month we will write our opinions about:

  • works of art
  • photographs
  • books
  • food and 
  • movies
As we examine these different topics students will think about the following questions to assist them in writing their opinions:
  • "What makes you think that?"
  • "How does it make you feel?"
It is important to express our own opinions and to be able to provide reasons for our opinions.  This will be a fun way to practice our writing skills.  You may want to work at home with your student by asking his/her opinion about things you encounter at home.  For instance after reading a book together you may ask your child:  "I like this book because_____." or "I would recommend this book to others because ______."

25 March 2016


This past week we have been scientists again and learning all about worms!  We started our study by observing the with magnifying glasses so we could discover all of the tiny details.  We found out that worms can be slightly different colors and have a ring around their body that is a different color than the rest of its body.  We also noticed that the worm has lots of lines on its body and we read in books that those lines are called segments.  In our own books we illustrated and labeled the worms we observed. 

We were also able to conduct several experiments with our worms.  We discovered if worms prefer light or dark spaces and also what they do when the feel vibrations -- we already learned that they have no eyes or ears, just a mouth!  Another experiment we conducted was observing the worms when they were on a rough or smooth surface and how they reacted.  We learned that worms are very helpful to plants and gardeners because they put air in the soil by digging holes and they turn the dirt over to make it healthier.
This week we continued working on handwriting of the capital letters and reviewing handwriting of numbers 0-20.  Please continue to watch your child as he/she writes letters/numbers at home to ensure correct formation.  Also, continue to work on simple addition and subtraction problems with your child.  As you work together alternate or vary the types of problems so that your child does not get in the habit of doing all the problems the same way and not listen to specifically what the problem is asking.  Continue to work on the last core card skills for the year specifically the sight words and word family words.  These really help children as they are progressing in their reading.

April 4-8th - Spring Break
April 23rd - Sierra Bonita Elementary FUN RUN 9am
April 26th - Field Trip to Diamond Fork
May 13th - Kindergarten Field Day
May 20th - Last day of kindergarten (regular class will be held on this day)

17 March 2016


We have become poets!  During our writing time we have been learning about and creating our own poetry.  We learned that poets look at things differently and use their imaginations as they think about ordinary objects.  We have written several different types of poems which include:  color poems, free verse poems, all about poems, acrostic poems and five senses poems.  Students have done an amazing job writing poems.

In math we have been working on talking about the way we solve problems and the different strategies used to get the answer to the same problem.  Students are able to listen to story problems and determine if the problem is a joining (addition) or separating (subtraction) problem and use manipulatives to discover an answer.  Keep working with students with these type of problems at home.  Also, have them practice recording the problem after they have completed discussing how they figured out the answer.

REMINDER:  Spring Break will be April 4-8 - no school