02 March 2015

Me On The Map Program

Just a reminder of our upcoming program on Wednesday, March 4th.  Our students have been practicing songs while learning about social studies concepts such as ourselves, families, our country and mapping.  The AM performance will begin at 9:15 am and the PM performance will begin at 1:45pm.  Students are encourages to wear jeans and a t-shirt of any color or their school t-shirt.  We hope to see you all there.  Thank you.

27 February 2015

Read Across America

Thursday and Friday we celebrated our kindergarten Read Across America days.  Students went on an adventure across the United States in their own classroom through a variety of books and activities.  They were able to learn all about the swamps and animals of Florida, the beaches and sea shells on the coast of Oregon, the bears and other animals of Alaska, the cowboys and cowgirls of Texas and of course the people and places of Utah.

During each lesson students engaged in activities related to the state such as participating in the Texas Two Step dance and using gummy bears to add and subtract with Alaska.  Of course for each state students listened to books read about each state which included:  A is for ArchesAlaska's Three BearsArmadillo RodeoDown In The Swamp and Seashells by the Seashore.  Then students used their own copy of the United States map to locate each of the states they learned about and mark on the map where they had "visited" during both days.  We had two wonderful days.  Thank you to all you and your family and friends who have been sending in postcards.  We have received lots of postcards from all over the world and are excited to locate them on our maps when they arrive in the mail.

26 February 2015

Writing And Math

We are finishing up handwriting of all the lower case letters.  Next week we will start working on correct handwriting formation of capital letters as well as a review of the lower case letters.  Please continue to encourage your student to use correct formation when completing his/her homework.

Students have been doing a wonderful job completing "all about" writing by sharing facts and information about a topic they are familiar with.  We will be starting "small moment" writing next week.  Please note the following in your child's writing:
  • creation of a complete sentence
  • good knowledge and use of sight words (e.g. the, and, in, on, etc.)
  • 'sound out' new words and write new words using some sound blends and word families
  • form letters correctly
  • use of capital and lowercase letters correctly
  • leaves spaces between words
  • uses punctuation correctly

At this point students should be able to correctly identify flat and solid shapes and recognize them in the environment.  We will begin focusing much of our mathematics instruction on number sense which will include solving simple addition and subtraction problems.  We will be using Cognitively Guided Instruction when working through word problems.  This is an approach to teaching mathematics and at the core of this approach is the practice of listening to children's mathematical thinking.  Students are encouraged not only to solve a problem but to also explain their thinking and how they arrived at the answer to the problem.

23 February 2015

PM Kindergarten

Just a reminder that due to district meetings there will be no PM Kindergarten on Wednesday, February 25.

22 February 2015

Small Moment Writing

For the next few weeks we will be focusing on "small moment" writing.  This is another type of personal narrative writing in which students will take an experience in their life and focus in on a small moment to write about.  For small moment writing students think about the event that happened to them and then write the sequence of things that happened during the event and add lots of details to make the small moment seem big.  They are encouraged to add things like where, when and how the small moment occurred.  We also focus on details which include their five senses such as how they felt or what things looked like during the moment.  We will be reading some published books in which authors demonstrate this type of writing to help students understand the "small moment" concept.  Some of these books include:  A Chair for Mother by Vera Williams, The Paperboy by Dav Pilkey, The Shortcut by Donald Crews, and Owl Moon by Jane Yolen

11 February 2015

Valentine's Day

We will be celebrating Valentine's Day on Friday, February 13th.  Please plan on sending 24 Valentine's to school with your child on that day.  Remember to have your child write his/her name on each Valentine.  During that day we will be enjoying many activities such as making a friendship heart, listening to Valentine books, playing Valentine math games, using conversation hearts to read and create silly sentences, etc.

09 February 2015

Kindy 500

We had a wonderfully successful Kindy 500!  We had so much fun seeing all of the vehicles and going on parade for our parents and the school.  Thank you to all of the parents who helped students create vehicles and transport them to school.

We would like to thank all of the amazing parents who were able to help us in centers on this day.  We so appreciate your time and your dedication to making this event a success.

During our Kindy 500 we were able to learn all about some of our Nation's symbols.  Students were able to listen to the Statue of Liberty tell all about her history and read about the American Flag.  We also learned about Mount Rushmore and were able to draw our faces on our own Mount Rushmore.

 Students saw pictures of the White House and listened to our President of the United States talk about how important it is to stay in school and work hard.  Students learned about President Abraham Lincoln and then were able to examine pennies with magnifying glasses and complete penny rubbings.  We even played our own bells after learning about the Liberty Bell.  Students also talked about our nation's bird, the bald eagle and we discovered that it isn't really bald!

Ask your student about all the experiences he/she had on this exciting day.  Below are some pictures from our exciting day.  Thank you again to all who were able to help and thank you to all of you for providing a mode of transportation for your child!

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