20 May 2016

Thank You

We are sad to see our year end.  We have had such a memorable year working with all of your children.  They have been delightful and it has been so fun to see them make huge progress throughout the year.  Thank you for all of your support and help both at home and at school.  We wish all of our students much success in first grade.  Have a wonderful summer full of reading and writing!

Sierra Bonita Kindergarten Teachers

16 May 2016

Final Week

This is our final week of Kindergarten for the 2015-16 school year.   We still have lots of meaningful and exciting activities to complete this week so it is important that your child still attends school each day.  Look for a note coming home indicating the time your child is scheduled for his/her post assessment next week.

Our last day of kindergarten will be on Friday, May 20th.  We will be doing activities in our classrooms that will finalize our wonderful year together.  It will be a typical day and end at our regular time.  Look for your child's portfolio to come home on Friday.  Enjoy looking through all of their activities they have completed this year.   It has been a wonderful year working with all of you and your children!  Thank you for helping make their kindergarten year such a success.

13 May 2016

Field Day

On Friday we enjoyed our kindergarten field day.  A big THANKS to all of the parents who helped us make this day a success.  We played games and did activities inside and outside.  Some of the things we did were Twister, lawn bowling, parachute activities, writing and drawing with sidewalk chalk, rain gutter relays and dancing!   The students had a lot of fun and were able to experience some great activities.

06 May 2016

Art Museum & Small Moment Writing

We had a enjoyable trip the the Springville Museum of Art!  Students were able to view lots of different types of art works including paintings, drawings and sculptures.  They were able to work on a type of scavenger hunt while they walked inside and outside of the museum.  This activity encouraged them to look carefully at the various works of art as they explored the museum.  Throughout the year we have been learning about 4 of the basic elements of art:  color, shape, line, and texture.  Students could identify each of these elements of art in the art work around them.  They were also able to see some of the prints we looked at in class while we were at the museum.  Thank you to all of the parents for your help in guiding the children through the wonderful experience.

For the next few weeks we will be focusing on "small moment" writing.  This is another type of personal narrative writing in which students will take an experience in their life and focus in on a small moment to write about.  For small moment writing students think about the event that happened to them and then write the sequence of things that happened during the event and add lots of details to make the small moment seem big.  They are encouraged to add things like where, when and how the small moment occurred.  We also focus on details which include their five senses such as how they felt or what things looked like during the moment.  We will be reading some published books in which authors demonstrate this type of writing to help students understand the "small moment" concept.  Some of these books include:  A Chair for Mother by Vera Williams, The Paperboy by Dav Pilkey, The Shortcut by Donald Crews, and Owl Moon by Jane Yolen

28 April 2016

Diamond Fork Field Trip

We had a wonderful time on our field trip to the mountains.  Thank you to all the parents who were able to come along and help keep us safe!  While there we were able to observe and learn a lot.We each had the opportunity to participate in three activities:
1.  wading in the river to find lots of different types of bugs and fish
2.  going on a nature hike to discover types of plants and trees, look at evidences of beavers, and see some deer antlers
3.  learning all about birds, their wings and feathers and using binoculars to observe birds around us. 

This was a great opportunity and we would like to give a special THANK YOU to Sarah Flinders who obtained grant money to fund this trip, organized all of the learning activities, and guided us through the river.  Also, a big thank you to the other Forest Service experts who guided us.

22 April 2016

Pond Study

 Along with our study of the spring season we have begun a study of ponds and pond life.  We have discovered many plants and animals that live in and around a pond.  Students have been working hard on creating a class information chart about ponds and frogs.  We have listed facts we think we know about ponds and frogs and read lots of fact books about ponds.  At this point in the year students are able to do their own reading and research!  It is exciting for them to be able to use their reading skills to add to our fact chart or to put items we thought were facts into the "misconceptions" column of our chart.

With our frog study we have been able to have African Dwarf frogs in our classroom to observe.  Students have made observations of the frogs and recorded their findings.  It is fun to note the similarities and differences of the many different types of frogs.

20 April 2016

Upcoming Events

Saturday, April 23:  Sierra Bonita 5k/Mile Fun Run.  5k will begin at 9am and the mile run at 10am.  Please fill out a waiver and return it to the office prior to the 22nd if you would like to participate.

Tuesday, April 26:  Field trip to Diamond Fork Canyon.  Please remember to dress your child appropriately.  We will be getting dirty!  Even if there are sprinkles we will still plan on going so have your child dress according to the weather forcast.  For more information click here:  Diamond Fork Field Trip

Wednesday, April 27:  Sierra Bonita Arts Exhibit 7-8pm

Friday, May 13:  Kindergarten Field Day

Friday, May 20:  Last day of kindergarten.  We will have a regular day of kindergarten on this day.