01 April 2015


We have become poets!  During our writing time we have been learning about and creating our own poetry.  We learned that poets look at things differently and use their imaginations as they think about ordinary objects.  In preparation for our Author's Celebration coming up on May 6th we have written several different types of poems which include:  color poems, free verse poems, all about poems, acrostic poems and five senses poems.  Students have done an amazing job writing poems.  The poems will be illustrated and then published for sharing with friends and family.  Please make sure to complete and return your child's author page this week so it can be included in their poetry book.

In math we have been working on talking about the way we solve problems and the different strategies used to get the answer to the same problem.  Students are able to listen to story problems and determine if the problem is a joining (addition) or separating (subtraction) problem and use manipulatives to discover an answer.  Keep working with students with these type of problems at home.  Also, have them practice recording the problem after they have completed discussing how they figured out the answer.

REMINDER:  Spring Break will be April 6-10 - no school

15 March 2015

Student Led SEP Conferences

You should have received a packet last week with activities for your child and you to complete together.  The information gathered from the packed should give you a good idea of where your child is functioning academically.  On Wednesday, March 18 teachers will be available from 2:30-8:00 pm to meet with you.  You are welcome to attend the conference if you have any questions or concerns about the materials in the packet or the progress of your child.   If you do not have any questions you do not need to come to a conference.  There will be no specific times scheduled but feel free to come at any time Wednesday evening.  Just be aware that there may be a wait during some times.   Thank you.

14 March 2015

Sight Words

Some students are still struggling with a few kindergarten skills.  Please continue to practice all of the sight words at home.  Students will be expected to know 50 sight words by the end of April.  Help your child find them in books as they read as well as in isolation.  Some times students can read a word in isolation but does not recognize it in a sentence they read in a book.  We want the sight words to be functional in reading not just memorized facts.  Below are a few videos that provide another way to practice.

Number recognition, teen numbers, and rote counting to 100 are also difficult for some students.  Help your child by counting aloud often and especially focus on the teen numbers!                                         


11 March 2015


We are learning about animals, how they grow, and how baby and adult animals differ and are the same.  We have been reading lots of books about animals and have been discovering lots of facts.  Such as we learned that the dad seahorses have a special pouch where they carry all of the seahorse eggs.   Some baby animals such as the zebra can walk just a few hours after they are born while other animals need the help of their moms for a long time.  Students worked on animal life cycle book where they chose an animal and then illustrated the growth process from a baby to an adult.  In the next few weeks students will be able to share these books in class and talk about how animals grow.

06 March 2015

Read A Thon

Our Kindergarten classes were able to participate in a Read A Thon on Tuesday
.  This was a fabulous day in which we engaged in activities related to books and reading!  Students were excited to bring their own blankets and pillows and books from home.  During the day they read their books throughout the classroom with friends.

Some of our other activities included:  listening to the teacher read aloud, listening to a book on CD, playing a sight word game, writing our opinion about a book, listening to a book read online, reading magazines with a partner, sharing a treat while reading, reading with 3rd grade buddies and making a door hanger to remind us to read.

We really enjoyed our day reading!

02 March 2015

Me On The Map Program

Just a reminder of our upcoming program on Wednesday, March 4th.  Our students have been practicing songs while learning about social studies concepts such as ourselves, families, our country and mapping.  The AM performance will begin at 9:15 am and the PM performance will begin at 1:45pm.  Students are encourages to wear jeans and a t-shirt of any color or their school t-shirt.  We hope to see you all there.  Thank you.

27 February 2015

Read Across America

Thursday and Friday we celebrated our kindergarten Read Across America days.  Students went on an adventure across the United States in their own classroom through a variety of books and activities.  They were able to learn all about the swamps and animals of Florida, the beaches and sea shells on the coast of Oregon, the bears and other animals of Alaska, the cowboys and cowgirls of Texas and of course the people and places of Utah.

During each lesson students engaged in activities related to the state such as participating in the Texas Two Step dance and using gummy bears to add and subtract with Alaska.  Of course for each state students listened to books read about each state which included:  A is for ArchesAlaska's Three BearsArmadillo RodeoDown In The Swamp and Seashells by the Seashore.  Then students used their own copy of the United States map to locate each of the states they learned about and mark on the map where they had "visited" during both days.  We had two wonderful days.  Thank you to all you and your family and friends who have been sending in postcards.  We have received lots of postcards from all over the world and are excited to locate them on our maps when they arrive in the mail.