12 September 2014

Our Five Senses

We had another great week in kindergarten.  This week we worked on handwriting of the letter h and sounds of the letters n, p, s, z, a, t, and k.  We also practiced reading sight words I, can, the and see in isolation and in big books.

We have been learning about our five senses and how they help us learn about the world around us.  Ask your child to tell you his/her five senses.  Students also learned that different things are made up of parts such as our bodies.  Each of our senses is associated with a specific part of our body.

In addition to our five senses we have been reading about the outdoors and exploring things we can see in our backyard, the park, the canyon and the mountains.  We applied our knowledge of our five senses to help us learn more about our world around us by observing the outdoors.

We created a graph by sharing our opinion and answering the question, "Would you hold you a bug in your hand?"  Students learned about real graphs and picture graphs and then recorded the information we gathered on a recording sheet with a bar graph.  This graphing activity helped us practice counting with one to one correspondence, determining more/less/equal, and recognizing numerals.

Continue working on identifying capital and lower case letters, all letter sounds, rhyming words, listening for beginning sounds, number identification 0-5 and counting 0-20.  Review with your child spatial relation words such as above/below, near/far, top/middle/bottom, and in/out.

05 September 2014

Bear Facts & Stories

This week we continued working on learning school and classroom procedures.  Students are doing a fantastic job of learning what to do each day in kindergarten.

We read several versions of the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears throughout the week.  Students had the opportunity to practice retelling the story with partners at school.  Your child should have brought home a bag with the three bears characters in it.  Ask your child to retell the story to you in the correct order of beginning, middle, end.

We continued reading and learning about bears.  Students helped generate a list of bear facts which we learned from reading bear fact books.  Then they each chose their favorite bear fact and illustrated it.  These bear fact pages are on display outside our classrooms.

This week we were able to bring our teddy bear or favorite stuffed friend to school and enjoy the day together.  Each class celebrated by reading the story "Teddy Bear's Picnic" and listening to the song while looking at pictures in the book.  We shared bear snacks, fish (crackers), honey (honeycomb cereal), berries (raisins), and river water (blue punch).  It was a fun day!

Please continue helping your child correctly write the letter t and h and his/her name.  Also practice the sounds of the letters m, f, n, s, p, z, and a.  Have your child identify if a word you say aloud begins with the /m/, /f/,  /n, /s/,  /p/, /z/, or /a/ sound or a different sound.  Don't forget to have your child practice a home or cell phone number.

04 September 2014

School Carnival

Please join us on the evening of Monday, September 8th from 5:00-8:00 pm for food, games, rides and fun!  This fundraiser will help contribute to the budget for the PTA to assist in making our school even better.  Please support your child's school by enjoying the school carnival.

29 August 2014

First Days

We really enjoyed our first few days of school.  These days were so busy and fun.  We introduced many procedures and appropriate classroom behaviors.  Students will practice these procedures every day throughout the year.  We were able to do a literacy hunt around the school during which students found and read simple sentences promoting reading and writing success.  At the end of the hunt they found a literacy bag with some items inside to encourage literacy.

We also began learning about our school and its mascot.  We will be spending some time learning about the Sierra Bonita mountains and the bears that live there.  Students will be introduced to both fact and fiction books about bears during the next week.  We have already started recording facts we know and have learned about real bears.

Learning spatial relations (position words) will be one of our focuses this month.  We practiced basic position words such as near/far, on/off, over/under, and in between with a teddy bear.  Please work on using these words at home with your child.  We have already started practicing the handwriting of the lower case letter t and the sounds of the letters /m/, /f/, and /n/.   Other things to practice at home include: all the letters and sounds of the alphabet and writing your first name correctly (capital letter to begin and lower case for all other letters in the name).

Thanks for all of your help and support.  We are looking forward to a fantastic school year!

27 August 2014

Back To School Night Presentation


School Picture Day will be held on Friday, August 29th.  

26 August 2014

Back To School Night

Just a reminder of Back To School Night coming up on Wednesday, August 27th at 6:30pm.  Please meet in the gym for the first part of the evening.   Following the whole school meeting the kindergarten parents will meet together in the Bear's Den.  There will be two break out sessions (the same information will be shared in each session) if you have other children attending the school.  We look forward to sharing more general kindergarten information with you on Wednesday.  Please remember if you would like to talk about specific concerns about your child you are welcome to make an appointment with your child's teacher for another time.