12 January 2018

Teen Numbers & Story Structure

We have been using ten frames all year to help us develop number sense.  We are now extending the use of two ten frames to help us practice those difficult "teen" numbers (numbers 11-19).  By using two ten frames students can see one full ten frame that represents a group of ten and then another ten frame that represents "some ones".  In this picture they see a group of ten and 3 ones.  They can put the two together to know that a group of 10 and three more make 13.  Students are encouraged to look at patterns and ways to rearrange dots mentally on a ten frame to find out how many.  The visual representation of the ten frames helps students be able to organize objects into groups of 10s and making it easier to count higher numbers.

Continue working with your student on talking about the character, setting, problem and resolution in stories.  For the next several weeks we will be reading and learning about our own feelings, our families and our community.  We will be looking at books in which characters experience the same thing but have different feelings about the event.  We will also talk about how we would feel in the same situation.  You may want to discuss some of the feelings characters have in the books you read at home and talk with your child about how he/she would react if he/she were in the story.

For our phonemic awareness practice we will be focusing on blending and segmenting the phonemes in simple CVC words.  Please continue to practice this at home as well as identifying beginning/ending sounds and rhyming words.

10 January 2018

No School

Just a reminder that due to a district development day for teachers, students will not have school on Friday, January 12th.   On Monday, January 15 there will be no school due to Martin Luther King Jr. day.  See you back on Tuesday.  Thank you.

05 January 2018

Welcome Back

It is great to be back at school learning and sharing.  For the next few weeks we will be working hard on learning about measurement.  Students will be able to participate in different types of measurements including:  weight, length, and size.  We will predict how many unifix cubes weigh the same as various objects and then use our balance scales to confirm or reject our predictions and to help us make better predictions for the next object.  Students will also compare lengths of objects to determine which one is longer/shorter. 

This week we read many fact books about the season of winter.  Students had the opportunity to write and illustrate some facts they learned.  We had several class discussions about determining importance when reading fact books.  This helped the students pass off the core skill of identifying the main idea and some key details in a non fiction book.  We also graphed some of our favorite winter activities and talked about the information we gained from the graph.  Such as, which had more/less/equal or how to make one column equal to another.

21 December 2017


We are continuing to work on phonemic awareness development specifically rhyming words, blending and segmenting words and phonemes (individual sounds), and identifying beginning and ending sounds.  Please continue to work with your student at home on these skills.  Also, continue to review all letters and sounds.  Work on fluency (speed of identification) and in random order.

In mathematics we focused on patterns (creating and extending) and finding numbers within numbers.  We worked with colored chips to create different combinations of numbers such as 2 and 6 make 8.  We then recorded our different combinations for numbers 4-10.  We also practiced visualization skills by looking at a picture for a few seconds and then recreating it on paper.  These visualization skills help students not only in identifying spatial relations but also in identifying shapes of letters and words.

We hope you enjoy a wonderful holiday season.  We are looking forward to seeing you all on January 2nd.

19 December 2017

Reminder on Thursday, December 21 there will be no PM Kindergarten held as schools district wide will dismiss at noon.  AM students will attend during their regular time 9:00-11:40 am.  Thank you.

15 December 2017

Gingerbread Man

During the holiday season we had fun celebrating by reading the story of The Gingerbread Man.  We compared and contrasted many versions of the story and practiced story elements:  characters, setting, problem and solution.  Students had fun reading different versions of the traditional story such as The Gingerbread Pirates, The Gingerbread Baby, The Gingerbread Cowboy, and The Gingerbread Bear.  We were able to again practicing retelling the sequence of a story using a paper plate and a story board strip of paper to illustrate our own version of The Gingerbread Man.

We also had fun working on our core skill of counting to 20 by counting gingerbread men and candy.

Upcoming Event:
Parents are invited to a school wide Christmas sing on December 18 beginning at 9:30am.  Each grade level will perform one Christmas song in the gym.  Morning students only will be performing at that time.

Afternoon students will perform with the other students in the school at 1:30pm.  Parents of afternoon kindergarten students are welcome to watch their students at that time.

08 December 2017

The Invisible Thread

During this Christmas season we have been talking about caring about and giving to others.  We read a true story called The Invisible Thread, in which a lady befriends a homeless boy.  The boy had never celebrated Christmas with a family before he met her.  She invited him to spend Christmas day with her and her family.  At the end of the day he gave her the only Christmas present he had ever received, a teddy bear.  We worked together to write and illustrate a story and a card to attach to a teddy bear.  The teddy bears will be donated to a charity to cheer up a boy or girl.  This project allowed the students to participate in expressing love for others and giving some service to other children their age.

For the next few weeks we will be focusing on "small moment" writing.  This is another type of personal narrative writing in which students will take an experience in their life and focus in on a small moment to write about.  For small moment writing students think about the event that happened to them and then write the sequence of things that happened during the event and add lots of details to make the small moment seem big.  They are encouraged to add things like where, when and how the small moment occurred.  We also focus on details which include their five senses such as how they felt or what things looked like during the moment.  We will be reading some published books in which authors demonstrate this type of writing to help students understand the "small moment" concept.  Some of these books include:  A Chair for Mother by Vera Williams, The Paperboy by Dav Pilkey, The Shortcut by Donald Crews, and Owl Moon by Jane Yolen