16 March 2018

St. Patrick's Day

We celebrated St. Patrick's day for the past few days.  We read the book, The Leprechaun's Gold, in the story a harp player kindly helps a leprechaun on his journey.  In turn, the leprechaun helps him become a harpist for the king.  We discussed how being kind and helpful is more valuable than gold.  Students then wrote and illustrated how they can be kind or how someone has been kind to them.

We had fun playing several math games in which we practiced our one to one correspondence as well as making groups of ten.  Together we did a science experiment to see how many pieces of gold (pennies) it would take to sink a small leprechaun pot placed in water.

To practice building CVC words we played a game using dice to determine which letters made up our word.  Students then decided it it was a real word or not.  We had lots of fun celebrating this holiday!

14 March 2018

No School


There will be no school for all students on Friday, March 16th.

09 March 2018


We are learning about animals, how they grow, and how baby and adult animals differ and are the same.  We have been reading lots of books about animals and have been discovering lots of facts.

Such as:  the dad seahorses have a special pouch where they carry all of the seahorse eggs.   Some baby animals such as the zebra can walk just a few hours after they are born while other animals need the help of their moms for a long time.  Students worked on animal life cycle book where they chose an animal and then illustrated the growth process from a baby to an adult.  In the next few weeks students will be able to share these books in class and talk about how animals grow.

02 March 2018

Read Across America

Thursday and Friday we celebrated our kindergarten Read Across America days.  Students went on an adventure across the United States in their own classroom through a variety of books and activities.  They were able to learn all about the swamps and animals of Florida, the beaches and sea shells on the coast of Oregon, the bears and other animals of Alaska, the cowboys and cowgirls of Texas and of course the people and places of Utah.

During each lesson students engaged in activities related to the state such as participating in the Texas Two Step dance and using gummy bears to add and subtract with Alaska.  Of course for each state students listened to books read about each state which included:  A is for ArchesAlaska's Three BearsArmadillo RodeoDeep In The Swamp and Seashells by the Seashore.  Then students used their own copy of the United States map to locate each of the states they learned about and mark on the map where they had "visited" during both days.  We had two wonderful days.  Thank you to all you and your family and friends who have been sending in postcards.  We have received lots of postcards from all over the world and are excited to locate them on our maps when they arrive in the mail.

28 February 2018

Read A Thon

Today was a special day in the Sierra Bonita Kindergarten.  We were able to have a read a thon all day long in each of our classrooms.  The students brought pillows, blankets and of course books and magazines from home.

During the day they were able to enjoy reading their own books to themselves and with a friend.  We experienced many different reading activities such as listening to books on a CD, listening to the teacher read, playing sight word games, making a bookmark, watching a book read online, writing our opinion about a book, reading kids magazines with a partner, sharing a treat while reading, and listening to each other read.  It was a wonderful day of READING!  This day helped us reach our class reading goal! 

26 February 2018

Upcoming Special Days

This week is the Sierra Bonita Elementary Read A Thon week.  In our individual classes we have set goals for number of minutes read in our class this week.

On Wednesday, February 28th we will be having our kindergarten Read A Thon (please note that this is a different day than the rest of the school).  Students are welcome to bring their own books and magazines as well as pillows and blankets on this day.  We will enjoy a variety of reading activities throughout the entire day.

Our kindergarten Read Across America Days will be held on Thursday, March 1st and Friday, March 2nd in our classroom.  Students will have the opportunity to learn about several states through picture books, media presentations and activities.  We will also record on a United States map the different states we have "visited".

We are looking forward to these fun and exciting days!

23 February 2018


We have been learning all about penguins.  Not only are we learning facts and information about penguins but we are learning how to learn about a topic and organize that information in our brains.  We talked about how we have "file folders" in our brains that help us organize facts as we learn new things and to connect that new knowledge to information already in our heads.  We created a giant class file folder about penguins.  We first wrote down on sticky notes what we thought we knew about penguins.  Then after researching in books and on the internet we organized the sticky notes by placing the ones that were "misconceptions" in a different section than the facts.  We added new facts to our file folder.  

Finally, we rearranged our sticky notes by making connections between topics.  Such as putting all the sticky notes with facts about chicks and eggs in one area and all the facts about how penguins move in another area on the file folder.
Students wrote facts about penguins on a construction paper penguin they made as well as a writing and illustrating two facts they learned about penguins.  They were also able to research with a buddy in a book or magazine to find a new fact to share with the class.