29 August 2014

First Days

We really enjoyed our first few days of school.  These days were so busy and fun.  We introduced many procedures and appropriate classroom behaviors.  Students will practice these procedures every day throughout the year.  We were able to do a literacy hunt around the school during which students found and read simple sentences promoting reading and writing success.  At the end of the hunt they found a literacy bag with some items inside to encourage literacy.

We also began learning about our school and its mascot.  We will be spending some time learning about the Sierra Bonita mountains and the bears that live there.  Students will be introduced to both fact and fiction books about bears during the next week.  We have already started recording facts we know and have learned about real bears.

Learning spatial relations (position words) will be one of our focuses this month.  We practiced basic position words such as near/far, on/off, over/under, and in between with a teddy bear.  Please work on using these words at home with your child.  We have already started practicing the handwriting of the lower case letter t and the sounds of the letters /m/, /f/, and /n/.   Other things to practice at home include: all the letters and sounds of the alphabet and writing your first name correctly (capital letter to begin and lower case for all other letters in the name).

Thanks for all of your help and support.  We are looking forward to a fantastic school year!

27 August 2014

Back To School Night Presentation


School Picture Day will be held on Friday, August 29th.  

26 August 2014

Back To School Night

Just a reminder of Back To School Night coming up on Wednesday, August 27th at 6:30pm.  Please meet in the gym for the first part of the evening.   Following the whole school meeting the kindergarten parents will meet together in the Bear's Den.  There will be two break out sessions (the same information will be shared in each session) if you have other children attending the school.  We look forward to sharing more general kindergarten information with you on Wednesday.  Please remember if you would like to talk about specific concerns about your child you are welcome to make an appointment with your child's teacher for another time.

24 August 2014

First Day Of Kindergarten

The first day of kindergarten is almost here!  It has been so difficult waiting and waiting.  It has been a lot of fun meeting each of you and your child during the assessments.  Finally we get to begin our year together on Tuesday, August 26th.

Morning kindergarten begins at 9:00 am and ends at 11:40am
Afternoon kindergarten begins at 12:40pm and ends at 3:15pm

Reminder:  Wednesdays we have a different schedule
     AM Kindergarten:  9:00-11:15am
     PM Kindergarten:  12:00-2:30pm

Morning students will be walked outside to the front parking lot.  You are welcome to use the student pick up lane to drive by and pick up your child.  Please refrain from coming to the classroom after school to pick up your child as it clogs the hallway and disrupts other classes in session.  The teachers will be outside with the students to ensure their safety.  If you are late picking your child up he/she will be waiting in the front office.

Afternoon students will also be walked out to the outside doors and remain with the teacher on duty until picked up by a parent.  We encourage older brothers and sisters to pick up the kindergarten student from the classroom.  If an older brother or sister will be picking up a kindergartener he/she will remain in the classroom until the sibling comes to the classroom.  Bus students will be assisted to find their appropriate bus lines.

It may take a few days to get into a routine so please be patient with us as we work to keep your children safe.  Thank you.

See you Tuesday!

22 August 2014

Save Your Shoe Boxes

Sometime during the first few weeks of school we will be having each student make a "shoebox" library/literacy box.  This box will be used by your child throughout the year to hold your his/her literacy supplies such as mini books, pencils, alphabet cards, sight word cards, etc.  This is a great way to give your child a special place of his/her own to store important reading items.

Each child will need to have an empty shoe box or similar type of box.  Please save any shoe boxes you may encounter so we can provide a box for every kindergartener for this project.  You are welcome to send the boxes to school with your child at any time.  Thank you for your help!

01 July 2014

Welcome to Kindergarten! 
We are so excited to begin a new school year with a brand new group of kindergarten students.  We are looking forward to sharing and learning together this year.  Be sure to visit our kindergarten blog often for updates on what your child is working on at school and for activities you can do at home to help your child enhance his/her success!  Also, watch for important dates of upcoming events.  Be sure to click on the tabs at the top of the blog each month for more specific information about each curriculum focus for the month.

Each kindergarten student will need to complete an assessment with his/her teacher before kindergarten begins.  Look for the sign up sheets available during the open house to schedule a time for your child or sign up at the front office during school registration.

Kindergarten Schedule:
AM Kindergarten M, T, Th, & F:  9am-11:40am
AM Kindergarten W:  9am-11:15am

PM Kindergarten M, T, Th, & F:  12:40-3:15pm
PM Kindergarten W:  12:00-2:30pm

Please be aware of the upcoming activities as we prepare for a busy and fun year:

School Registration:  Thursday, July 31st, 7:30am-4:00pm
Open House:  Monday, August 18th @ 1:00-3:00pm 

          (be sure to sign up for an assessment time during the open house)
First Day of Kindergarten:  Tuesday, August 26th
Back To School Night:  Wednesday, August 27th, 6:30pm
Picture Day:  Friday, August 29th
School Carnival: Monday, September 8th, 5:00-8:00pm