20 February 2017

Student Led SEP Conferences

You should have received a packet last week with activities for your child and you to complete together.  The information gathered from the packed should give you a good idea of where your child is functioning academically.  On Thursday, February 23rd teachers will be available from 3:30-8:00 pm to meet with you.  You are welcome to attend the conference if you have any questions or concerns about the materials in the packet or the progress of your child.   If you do not have any questions you do not need to come to a conference.  There will be no specific times scheduled but feel free to come at any time Thursday evening.  Just be aware that there may be a wait during some times.   Thank you.

17 February 2017


We have been learning all about penguins.  Not only are we learning facts and information about penguins but we are learning how to learn about a topic and organize that information in our brains.  We talked about how we have "file folders" in our brains that help us organize facts as we learn new things and to connect that new knowledge to information already in our heads.  We created a giant class file folder about penguins.  We first wrote down on sticky notes what we thought we knew about penguins.  Then after researching in books and on the internet we organized the sticky notes by placing the ones that were "misconceptions" in a different section than the facts.  We added new facts to our file folder.  

Finally, we rearranged our sticky notes by making connections between topics.  Such as putting all the sticky notes with facts about chicks and eggs in one area and all the facts about how penguins move in another area on the file folder.
Students wrote facts about penguins on a construction paper penguin they made as well as a writing and illustrating two facts they learned about penguins.  They were also able to research with a buddy in a book or magazine to find a new fact to share with the class.

12 February 2017

Valentine's Day

We will be celebrating Valentine's Day on Tuesday, February 14th.  Please plan on sending 25 Valentine's to school with your child on that day.  Remember to have your child write his/her name on each Valentine.  During that day we will be enjoying many activities such as making a friendship heart, listening to Valentine books, playing Valentine math games, using conversation hearts to read and create silly sentences, etc.

For more information click on the link to view the note which was sent home with your child.  Thank you!

Valentine Note

10 February 2017

All About Writing & Shapes

Students have been doing a wonderful job with "all about" writing. Students have been able to distinguish the difference between sharing facts or opinions.  During all about writing we are telling facts and information about a topic.  Students are able to choose their own topic and then write 3-4 facts about that topic.  It has been fun to learn some of the things students are "experts" in such as, tigers, their family, dancing, legos and dogs.
Also, at this point in the year we expect that students are able to leave spaces between words as they write. If you notice that your child is still writing words without leaving spaces, please take the time to explicitly discuss this with them.  Remind your child that after each word they can place their fingers down on the paper to remind them to leave a space.

This month we are on the look out for flat and solid shapes.  Students have had the opportunity to go on several "shape walks" around the school to look for circles, squares, rectangles, triangles, trapezoids, and hexagons.  We also have hunted for solid shapes, spheres, cylinders, cubes and cones.  Having your own shape walks at home is a fun way to practice identification of various shapes and also help your child realize that shapes are all around us!
Thank you to family members who have been sending postcards to our classes.  We have received many postcards from lots of different places.  Students enjoy finding the states (or countries!) on the map and reading a
little bit about that state.

03 February 2017

Kindy 500

We had a wonderfully successful Kindy 500!  We had so much fun seeing all of the vehicles and going on parade for our parents and the school.  Thank you to all of the parents who helped students create vehicles and transport them to school.

We would like to thank all of the amazing parents who were able to help us in centers on this day.  We so appreciate your time and your dedication to making this event a success.

During our Kindy 500 we were able to "drive" to and learn about about some of our Nation's symbols.  Students were able to listen to the Statue of Liberty tell all about her history and read about the American Flag.  We also learned about Mount Rushmore and were able to draw our faces on our own Mount Rushmore.

 Students saw pictures of the White House and learned about some of the rooms there and some of the events that happen there.  Students learned about President Abraham Lincoln and then were able to examine pennies with magnifying glasses and complete penny rubbings.  We even played our own bells after learning about the Liberty Bell.  Students also talked about our nation's bird, the bald eagle and we discovered that it isn't really bald!

Please look at the fact cards that came home with your child and discuss the facts and all the experiences he/she had on this exciting day.

Thank you again to all who were able to help and thank you to all of you for providing a mode of transportation for your child!

01 February 2017

Don't Forget!


Our Kindy 500 day is coming up on Friday, February 3rd.  We hope you are all preparing your vehicles to help us celebrate this day.  Remember that we will be moving our vehicles around the school from room to room so make sure your child is able to manipulate the vehicle without assistance.  During the Kindy 500 day we will be learning about our Nation's Symbols.  We are looking forward to a fun learning experience.

27 January 2017

USA, Rhyming & Mapping

Our social studies curriculum includes learning about the United States and some of the national symbols.  We have been preparing for our upcoming Kindy 500 when we will have a lot of experiences related to our Country.  We read many books about our national symbols.  We discussed how a symbol is something that stands for an idea.  Students learned how symbols like The Statue of Liberty represent our freedom.  We were able to choose an American symbol to illustrate and write two facts about that symbol.

This month one of our core card skills is to be able to rhyme and generate rhyming words.  Please keep working on this skill with your child.  Here are a couple of activities you may want to try:

Active Reading Read stories with rhymes. Talk about the rhyming words and how they sound the same. Mention that they rhyme because the ends of the words sound the same. Recite the rhymes yourself, leaving off the rhyming word. Have the children fill in the missing word.
- For a list of books, go to: http://www.literatureforliterature.ecsd.net/rhyming_books.htm 

Mystery Objects
Place several small objects in a covered basket. The teacher reaches into
the basket and says, “It starts with /f/ and rhymes with ‘dish.’ The children raise their hands when they know what the mystery object is. The teacher continues to pull mystery objects out and give rhyming clues. As the children become more experienced, they may be able to give the clues to their peers.
       - hat (cat) - bear (hair)
       - mug (rug) - soap (rope)
       - key (bee) - candle (handle)
       - pen (hen) - frog (dog)


We are excited to have already received some post cards from various locations.  Thank you to those who have been able to have family and friends send those our way.  We will begin identifying the places on our maps.  We are looking at our globe and flat maps of the world and the United States to help us get a better idea of what maps are and how they help us.  Notice maps all around you as you visit places such as at the mall, zoo, or museum.  If you have a GPS system in your car you can show your child the map as you travel from place to place.

Kindy 500 will be on Friday, February 3rd.  Please plan on having your child's vehicle ready for that day.

Look for a note about Valentine's Day coming home at the beginning of next month.  This note will tell you and your child how to prepare for celebrating on February 14th.